Cape Cod Handyman Services

Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting offers a wide range of home and commercial building repair services.  Below is just a sampling of how our handyman services can help you:

Light Carpentry
When you have a few small projects around the house like putting in a new kitchen countertop, installing kitchen cabinets, putting in shelves, hanging a new door, don’t make a major project out of it. Just call Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting and take the worry and hassle out of your next small carpentry project.

Touch Up Painting
Screen Repair & Storm Window RepairWhen your house is starting to age and getting a little shabby looking, Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting can touch things up and help bring it back to its original beautiful look.

Window and Door Screen Repair
Don’t get bugged! Getting bugged by insects getting into your home through those enlarged holes and tears in and around your screens is annoying to say the least.  There is nothing worse than a mosquito singing its high pitched sound in your ear while targeting you as its next meal.  Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting can fix all those holes in your window and door screen and get back to enjoying your time at home without out getting bugged by distractions.

Picture Hanging
Do you have a photo, painting, or artwork sitting on the floor in a corner somewhere or put away in a closet or attic just because you didn’t have a way to hang it on that place of honor on a wall in your home? Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting will put it where it belongs adding beauty and meaning to your home.

Install Shelving
It seems like there is never enough places to put things. Why don’t you add a shelf or two and create more storage space in a closet. Maybe add some shelves in a family room to display knick knacks and memorabilia and other collectables where you, your family, and friends can enjoy them.

Furniture Assembly including Entertainment Centers
You bought a table or an entertainment center and suddenly realize that what you really bought was a box of wood, nuts, bolts and screws. Assembly required! Now what? Call Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting. We will put it all together correctly and then it will be ready for you to enjoy in no time.

Gutter clearing and repairs and downspout repairs.Roof and Gutter Cleaning & Downspout Repair
Ice buildup due to clogged gutters can cause expensive repairs. Prevent damage by having Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting take charge of keeping things flowing properly and you happy.

Minor Repairs of all Types
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But if it is broke, call Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting. We will tackle all you minor repair jobs no matter how small. Life is busy and time is precious. Save time and aggravation and let us make things right around your house.

Changing Light Bulbs
Some light bulbs are in inconvenient places or you just don’t have time to do it. Let us brighten your future by replacing all your burned out bulbs today.

Brick_& Masonry_RepairsChanging Door Locks and Door Knobs
There are times when for cosmetic or security reasons you need to change doorknobs and locks. Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting can change a single door knob or lock or every doorknob and lock in the house as needed.

Masonry and Brickwork Repair – Chimney Repair
Some minor cracks and chips in masonry work may seem small and insignificant, but if left unattended they can become big expensive problems. In Massachusetts, water can seep into these cracks and then freeze, expanding to cause much more extensive damage. Let us check over your brick work and take care of the little problems before they become big expensive problems.

Caulking keeps hot air and cold air where they belong saving you money on heat and air conditioning. In showers and other places where water can seep in it prevent rotting. Inexpensive caulking repairs and replacement now, can save you big money later.

Expert Curtain & Drape HangingCurtain Hanging
Hanging curtains and getting them right can be a daunting task. Getting them anchored in the right place so that  they are secure and level and hung properly takes talent and skill. We can get it right for you the first time.

Drywall Repair
Drywall can become damaged in many ways, some man made and others natural. Kids throw things, houses settle, cracks and holes develop. We can fix, repair or replace your drywall as is necessary to restore it to that brand new look.

Faucet Replacement or Repair
Bathroom and Faucet RepairFaucets can leak and break. We can fix or repair all your faucets saving water and preventing future damage.

Install Light Fixtures
Let there be light, where there once was or there never was before!

Repair or Replace Fencing
Whether for decoration or to keep critters in to out or for security, we can install, repair, or paint  fences.

Check and Replace Filters
Clogged filters waste energy and restrict flow whether they be air, water or fuel filters. Let us keep everything flowing properly by replacing your filters as needed.

Gas & Charcoal Grill Assembly
We can put it all together for you. Gas grills must be done properly with all the connections tested for safety and proper operation.

Grouting and Grout RepairGrout Repair
Grout is not only decorative creating clean white lines between tiles but it also serves a purpose keeping moisture out of places where it can cause expensive damage.

Kitchen Repairs
We can repair most anything found in  a kitchen from sinks, to cabinets, to tables and chairs. We can often repair your appliances too.

Install and Replace Mailboxes
Has someone used your mailbox for a bowling pin or perhaps used it to take target practice for a demolition derby by running it down with a car. Whatever the problem, or if it is just time for a new mailbox, give us a call. We will have you back within USPS regulations in no time.

Install and Replace Shutters
Shutters give a home character especially here in New England. Although seldom functional anymore shutters need to be maintained and sometimes replaced to keep your home looking nice.

Check, Install and Replace CO and Smoke Detectors
Stay safe! You can never have enough of these. Did you know that Massachusetts laws require a Carbon Monoxide Detector on every floor? We can install, update, and repair all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Towel Racks
Towel racks sure come in handy. We can add a new towel rack anywhere you want one. They are also often abused and sometimes they are ripped from the walls. We can put it back and make it look brand new.

Weather Stripping
Keeping the heat in and the cold out in winter, and the cool in and heat out in summer saves energy and you a lot of money when the electric bill arrives. Don’t delay, start saving today by adding or replacing ineffective weather stripping.

Window Repair
We can install windows, repair broken window panes, caulk, and paint windows.


Cape Cod Handyman Services by Patriot Contracting is a division of Patriot Contracting, LLC.