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Entertainment Center Lost Netflix – Patriot Fixed!

I have a multiple component home theater system with a big screen TV, two Digital Video Recorders, surround sound with multiple speakers etc.  in my living room. It has all the bell and whistles even a wireless connection from my computer to the system. Recently, my connection from my home network to my entertainment center failed. It started to say “network not found” I called Patriot and Mike determined that the network cable was defective. He removed the defective 50 foot network cable which ran through a crawl space from one end of the home to the other under to home and installed a new one. Now I have all my movies again. Oh yeah he also fixed a problem with my WiDi receiver. Thanks Mike!

Restaurant Paging System

We called Patriot to install a new public address system in my restaurant. The installation included running cables above the ceiling and attaching several speakers around the dining and ordering area. The work was done in our off hours so the customers were not inconvenienced at all. They showed up on time just as scheduled,andContinue Reading

Thanks for All The Help!

I am a busy home owner and needed a lot of things done. I called Mike at Patriot Contracting who came to my home and installed several smoke and CO2 detectors for me. He installed my heavy AC Unit in a window and sealed up the cracks perfectly then removed it this fall. He fixedContinue Reading

Great Work Installing Security Cameras In My Business

Patriot Contracting installed a 4 camera security system in my business. They did it overnight with no business interruption and it works perfectly.